' Get money through recycling'

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There are lots of recycling materials like can of soft drinks, can goods, plastic bottles, etc. so instead of throwing it, to the garbage, why don't we segregate it first, and then we will sell it to the scrap buyer those recyling items, or sell it to company that make reused again, in this way we can help reduce, our garbage and we can be able to solve a little in a global warming.
One of the problem we have in our community is our garbage, thousand of tons of a garbage been produce each day, so in order to reduced them we need to practice that recycling technique, so we make money at the same time we will be able to clean our environment.

Buying and Selling

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In business it involves buying and selling, you buy an items or anything in a lower price and sell it high price. But before you sell it in a high price you have to enhance first the things you want to sell. Like for instance a coconut leaves you can enhance into a broom stick, and then you can sell in the market in right price, in that way you make money easily.

A Humor On Economy In A Video

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